Hi all
I have been given this Drug 25mg for GAD many years suffering,I am concerned however as I have Heart Irreg Pulse problems fast and slow and am on medication for this.
Also have read that this drug can give Major Eye problems tunnel vision ,Double vision loss of Vision etc and vertigo and is Hard to Come Off.
As I have dizziness from Heart Med I do not need it to be made worse .
Has anyone had any of these symptoms or side affects, and what do you all think is the Worst Side Affect.
As you can tell from this post I am at the stage where I do not have the Confedence to take this Drug and seem to question any Med given to me.
I need help but Doctors just say give it a try, I just do not want to feel worse,I class my Days of Degrees of Crap No good days.
Any replies are appreciated