So today is the beginning of my third week of sprintec and I've taken it it every day at 10:20 if anything 5-10 min late but wensday This wensday was the 20th I took it 3-3hr and 1/2 late Thursday about 1hr late and Friday about 30 min late I took it Saturday 23 and Sunday 24exactly at 10:20 and I had sex today SUNDAY the 24th he probably cumed in there a bit when he pulled out but
Honestly I must say I didn't feel anything anyways he
Cummed and we cleaned it up and he put it
Back in and
I'm in the beginning of my 3rd week of my first pack of sprintec because I am new to It I took it mid cycle so my period was suppose to cum Friday but never did I spotted the day exactly when my period was due just that one time and now I just have mild cramps and I did take a plan b as well the day before I started birthcontrol which was august 9 and took bc august 10 waited 7 days had sex the 8th day the 17th of august no cum so I have a bunch if
Hormones in me so what do you guys think if all of this pregnancy or no? The hormones were in me by the 7th day I believe because it delayed my period so if I can get opinions that would be great obviously I'm scared I'm prganancy but if you guys can skip the lectures and abstinence crap because not everyone is going to go that way and provide helpful opinions that would be wonderful thank you for your time :)