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Is there a preferred time of day to apply Picato? How much (thickness) should you apply?

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suzanne66 24 Jun 2013

It does not matter what time of day you apply the Picato but it is best used at the same time each day.
Use as much as you need to cover the treatment area thinly.

bubbadoo2 11 Feb 2014

I just finished day 5. I totally recommend doing it around 11 am and washing off at 5 pm. I took benadryl every day and it helped with the reaction. I only used a tube a day on forehead and most of my face and I got a pretty severe reaction. about 50 pre skin cancers popped up on forehead, cheeks and nose. I was surprised. I could be a poster for this stuff as I really reacted to it . You couldn't see these skin cancers prior to treatment only a couple. By the way when you squeeze it out only use a small drop. there isn't much in the tube now I know why.

onegreatlife 25 Jun 2013

I just finished Picato treatment On my entire face. I'm on day 18 after the start. I think its best to start about 10am so you can get chores done first. I wrote a daily journal on canceronmpass com. My name on the site is one great life no spaces in between. And DONT touch your face for 6 hours after applying. I did and got an infection.
Be brave and don't go in the sun while using this, and don't wash the scabs off.
Day 1 not so bad, day 2 feels like 2nd degree burn, day 3 feels like 3rd degree burn, day 4 through 8 itch like crazy, day 9 through 14 get 50% better each day.
My skin looks great now, but it is still pink. I don't reccomend using it at the beginning of summer, as my skin is very sensitive to the sun now.

tasha132 25 Jun 2013

Thank you to everyone who has responded - your answers have really helped me through this process. I am on my 3rd day and now have a better idea of what is in store for me.

tasha132 25 Jun 2013

Hi onegreatlife,
I am looking for your daily journal and have not been able to access it. Can you give me some more details on how to access this? I am sure your journal will be of great help as I continue my treatment. Thanks in advance!

onegreatlife 25 Jun 2013

Hi tasha, I think if you friend me you can read all my post. Day three is the worst burning. I'll see if I can cut and paste here . .sorry i couldnt paste. Try to friend me, that should work. Lots of things on the message board. Just dont pick the scabs. Benadryl pills helped me with the itching. stay with it. stay strong, the outcome is great. i think it removed all my pre cancer spots . . .fried them to smitherines!

tasha132 25 Jun 2013

Thanks onegreatlife. I have friended you; hopefully I can access your journal soon. This entire process has been stressful and I am glad I found this support group to help me through it. I also hope, similar to you, once I'm done with this I can assist others.

onegreatlife 25 Jun 2013

Hi tasha, I just googled Picato. and then clicked the link "all messages". I think I mine start about page 16. free discount card

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