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Can I take prednisone for sinus after total hip replacement?

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endlessPred 20 Jul 2012

Prednisone is an anti inflammatory. It is usually not used for sinus. It is not an antibiotic nor is it a antihistamine.

Better give some more info. Please explain what your doctor prescribed it for. It may help after your surgery if there are issues like arthritis or such.

Lisa01 20 Jul 2012

My dr prescribes prednisone for sinus infections when nasal passages are extremely swollen. It aids your breathing and your ability to clear out mucous. He also uses it for bronchial infections when the bronchial passages are swollen to aid in breathing and productive coughing.

endlessPred 20 Jul 2012

Good to know. Have had it myself for bronchitis a long time ago. However, it is not effective for sinus. I am on high dose prednisone, do not have an allergy and am deeply troubled with mucus which affects using my oxygen. The Pulmonologist has given me a non steroidal spray which is clearing it up. He said prednisone does not clear up nasal well. This is called Veramyst. Effective. Both he and my ENT agreed that prednisone is not effective and needlessly opens one up to other types of infections, ESP. Fungal if on the West coast, desert areas, etc.

As for the knee, hip or joint situations, it may be of benefit.

Freyafel 25 Feb 2015

I've suffered from asthma and severe sinus infections for many years. The GP, ENT and Lung Specialist have all put me on prednisone to help with these problems. This has been prescribed for me for over twenty years.

I'm about to undergo hip replacement and will be asking my orthopaedic surgeon regarding this medication as I'm keen to know as well.

Inactive 20 Jul 2012

If your doctor is prescribing it & knows of your hip relacement then by all means take it.It has recently been found out that antibiocotic rarley help a sinus infetions, & they hang on forever. If this if for now make sure you doctprs are aware of the situation. It may make you knee feel better too... free discount card

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