Hello. Been on prednisone for seven years. Lowest at 14 mg and highest at 80 mg. have a rare disease called polymyositis with interstitial lung disease. This disease does not stop flaring up so am tapering slowly and then back to 20 or 40mg and we start all over again. Have handled it well and follow directions carefully. I eat controlled portions even when I don't want to eat. Sudden stress in our family has me over the top emotionally. Feel like I am going crazy. Until now I handled this well. On oxygen, at home almost constantly, can't drive, husband works a lot.

Have become quite an expert on my disease and prednisone. ( and am on a bunch of other drugs as well). Loneliness is the hard part. No relatives around. Friends are so busy. What do you suggest to get through being at home? Have run out of ideas after all this time. Thanks