So, do I dare risk another call to my Doctor> Now I find that I a walking in my sleep, last night I put my stove top burners into the fridge, a plate on the stove, and moved things around my home that were really weird.

I've been on one other medication, "cannot think of the name right now", that had the same effect one me.. Should I call doctor again, and let her know, I'm now having another side affect from this prednisone, or is it even the prednisone doing this??? This is really scary, I do not remember doing any of these things, my hubby awoke to find me wandering around the house just going things out of character, he was really scared, but said he gently guided my back to bed with him, and just held me in his arms, and quietly got me back to sleep, my fear is this, I DON'T REMEMBER ONE THING FROM LAST NIGHT,,, I AM REALLY SCARED NOW. WHAT ANY SUGGESTIONS... PLEASE.. SORRY to bother y'all with this, I just feel really stupid now, and even more stupid telling the Doctor about this, will she think I've lost my "mind"??? Help... (((hugs))) Midwest