Hi everyone! I was wondering if it was normal to have Emotional/Psychological problems while on Prednisone.
I have a case of chronic Sinusitis (and also a chronic cough) and have been on Prednisone for about 5 months. I am just starting to experience the emotional problems that I have read about come with taking this medication. I think I wasn't having the emotional problems during summer because I was stress free! But now that I am back in school I am feeling the stress again. Recently (before school started) my doctor recommended that we lower my dose of prednisone to half a tablet (I think that is about 10mg, I was on one 20mg tablet for about 3 months to keep my cough down and help with the Sinusitis) and a week after that I began to feel sick again, with headaches, body aches, and my cough returned. Now I am on two 20mg tablets of Prednisone a day, and am feeling very emotionally unstable, can not focus, very irritable, throwing up, and I still feel sick. I have been home for 8 days now which really sucks because now my school work is slowly piling up. My parents think that my emotional problems caused by the Prednisone aren't a big enough deal from keeping me home from school, but they don't know what it feels like, I have tried to tell them but they just don't understand. Am I the only one that is going through this?