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Prednisone - what does the doseage of 111/111/111/111 5milg.tal po qd mean?

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suzanne66 16 Apr 2013

From what I understand the tablets are 5 milligrams in strength.
PO - means orally
QD - means four times a day.
I have no idea about 111 etc
My best deduction would be "Take 5 mg (1 tablet) orally four times a day"
But this is an unusual way for prednisone to be prescribed in this way.

Check with your pharmacist for clarification.

DzooBaby 16 Apr 2013

QD is "every day" not four times a day. Four times a day is QID.

DzooBaby 16 Apr 2013

I've never seen a script written this way either. I'm not sure what the 111 is unless he means to take three 5 mg tabs in divided doses by mouth every day but it is a strange way to write it. PO does mean "by mouth" but qd means "every day" or "each day" QID would be 4 times a day. Your pharmacist will likely have to contact the Drs office for clarification as these instructions are not very clear and could be interpreted a few different ways. The safest thing to do would be to phone the prescriber and ask what he means by these instruction so as to get them correct.

Mbsunny54 16 Apr 2013

Call the pharmacy that dispensed the meds and they can tell you exactly how to take your pills.

suzanne66 16 Apr 2013

Sorry an oversight qd is every day, was getting confused with qds which is four times a day. free discount card

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