I have been on prednisone now for 2 days and antibiotics as I have pneumonia and inflamed asthma I have difficulty breathing I don't feel no better I've had pneumonia for 3 weeks I got taken into hospital and they told me I had a chest infection only when I have an emergency
appointment at the doctors I was told I have pneumonia not a chest infection if I didn't go back
to the doctors I would if known they said if I don't feel better after the steroids and antibiotics I will have to go into hospital again to be treated as I can hardly breath when walking when i sit down my breathing seems to slow down and I have pain in the chest the doctors did say that's normal because of what I have I had to have a emergency X-ray again on my chest 2 days ago it's just worrying me that I don't feel better yet or don't know how long it takes for the steroids to work to help me I'm only 22 I would just like some information as I seen others have had these tablets to thank you all Alexandra x