... asked to take 12x5mg pills per day on day 1, diminishing 5mg each day for 12 days. I stopped after day 4 as my face was getting swollen and I was getting many other bad effects (headache, sweating, back pain,anxiety).
It has been 1 week since I stopped and my hands are very dry and wrinkled and the colour seems lighter. I am a 31 years old female and for me this is torture. I wonder what to do for my hands. And most importantly I wonder if that is irreversible or if it will go. I really need advice and reassurance please. I am not feeling myself because of this. My hands are what I consider my best asset and I feel I am losing part of my identity. I forgot to mention that I feel a burning sensation under my hands skin. Please anyone who has experienced something similar and won over the effect let me know! Thank you so much in advance