... flares. In the past 6 months my flares which is pain and debilitating stiffness have come every week now and my Dr emailed me warning that I must not take so much. Apparently it was on an auto refill for the flare dosa but I was not even treating the flares just suffering. This doctor has is the local research doc so nobody questions her but I am diagnosed with RA and fibro and she offers no pain relief no help otherwise I had to beg for PT and it didn't help but she threw Humira and other injections at me but I literally almost died of sepsis and C Diff! I am allergic to methotrexate. And I react to Imuran. So prednisone is really it. They got me to stop taking Xanax and since them I'm a mess. I can't tolerate moving and my life is falling apart. I am scared because she emailed me admonishing me and I feel like nobody is listening to me