My daughter was put on 20mg daily (5mg tabs) of prednisone for 2 months. Her GI put her on a wean schedule. Three days after completing it, she began having symptoms. A week or so after, her GI put her back on the prednisone. Two days later she was admitted to the hospital because of pain. While in the hospital, they put her on 40mg of prednisolone and discharged her with a prescrip to continue it. She has been on the prednisolone for 2 weeks now and her GI wants her to start dropping 1 pill every 4 days (she is taking 8 pills a day). She will run out of the prednisolone next week. In speaking with her GI, he doesn't want to give her another prescrip for the prednisolone and says to use the 5mg tabs of prednisone to continue the weaning. He didn't seem to think there would be a issue with this switch, but we are concerned. Is there any reason why this should not be done? We know there is a difference between the two and dropping 1 tab of prednisolone may not be the same as dropping 1 tab of prednisone, so we are concerned that it may throw her schedule off. She is being treated for Crohns.