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Prednisolone - does it cause mood swings?

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Marvell 22 Oct 2009

Mood changes is a serious side effect of prednisolone. Please see your doctor.

dabirg 1 Nov 2009

OH YES!. I have not met anyone who's child is on pred and they don't have mood swings. My daughter started on a high dose (55mg daily) and was immediately very demanding from the moment she got up. It made her very tempermental , easy to fly off the handle - and also emotional - easily upset, also the happy times were increased - a bit too estatic sometimes. We found that coming off the steroids was hard for her too.
FYI she was prescribed prednisolone for nephrotic syndrome but is steroid dependant so then cyclosporin was added but she has developed intracranial hypertension which in turn has affected her sight so she is now on pred and mycophenolate mofetil (and meds for the IIH) She is not a run of the mill nephrotic case - 95% of cases run farily smoothly.

My tip - check your childs sight regularily - have a sight chart at home (you can download a snelling chart ) and check each eye independently. Although associated sight problems are unusual it is so easy for you to check for them. free discount card

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