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How is prazosin used as a spych medication?

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Marvell 23 Apr 2013

Prazosin has "Off label" use in treatment of post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety and stress. Other than these I don't know of other psych conditions it could be used in. If your condition is different to the ones mentioned above then it may be best to ask the doctor who prescribed it to you.

CarolWilliams7798 23 Apr 2013

i have depression, anxiety, with suicidal tendencies plus ptsd! how is it that Prazosin helps, i mean what is it purpose as a psych med?

archpdx 24 May 2013

I take prazosin for ptsd as well. Miraculous drug. 3 mg/day does it for me, sometimes 4, but i understand even 10mg is fine. Seems to be different for each person. With 5 mg I just want to sleep all day. I lived my life panicked and on high alert - endured a childhood and adolescence of chronic mal-treatment. My body was flushed with adrenalin nearly always, and underweight. My medical professionals explained that prazosin stops the effects of adrenalin. Adrenalin worsens nightmares among other things. I can now sleep at night for more than 5 or 6 hours..and enjoy sleeping for the first time. I can let my body rest. I am not afraid of my bedroom. I have put on 30 healthy pounds. I still have nightmares most nights but they are mild now and go away when I wake up. It used to be I was haunted by them for a few hours every morning. Additionally, my days are far more pleasurable - not having to be so reactivated all the time. Gosh what could have been if I'd had this 20 years ago. free discount card

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