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How does prazosin help with sleep and ptsd symptoms?

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janiebme 28 Jan 2016

Hi BigG-
Prazosin is a alpha-blocker sometimes prescribed for the symptoms of fight or flight that tends to not shut down with PTSD. Pounding/racing heart. Beta and Alpha blockers for heart conditions can be prescribed for PTSD. I am currently taking Guanficine 1 mg at night, it is off label use for my PTSD symptoms and night terrors. It is normally prescribed for high blood pressure. Propranolol for high blood pressure can also be prescribed off label for PTSD/anxiety. The theory is they are suppose to slow down your heart rate so you can sleep better and or help with the anxiety symptoms. Hope this helps,wishing you the Best.

chuck1957 2 Feb 2016

BigG69; Yes Prazosin is used for PTSD just like the other post I agree with all of it but they put propranolol down I think they meant to put down the drug you asked about Prazosin this is also a high blood pressure pill and most have to take at bedtime because it drops you blood pressure that well help with the PTSD and most people sleep lots while taking this medication due to the fact that it knocks you out at night and this is why most can't take it during the day because you get dizzy and getting up and down could fall easily so they have people take it at bedtime and it works great as an off-label sleeping pill. Which means it was not approved for this use but when it was released for a prescription so many people had problems with it to take during the day And they are really using it for the side effects that it has. You are in good shape hope it works well for you.This has been used for at least 20 years for these reasons that I know of. Have a good day. free discount card

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