10 years ago my father had a cardiac event that necessitated the implantation of a bare metal stent. A few years after this he was diagnosed with intestinal polyps and had surgery to remove some of them.

3 weeks ago he had another cardiac event that meant he needed 2 further stents placed in the same artery in which the previous stent had been placed. This time the drug eluting stent was used and after the surgery DAPT was prescribed. Now he has the drug coming from the stent along with aspirin and Prasugrel. Having researched this online I have read several warnings in relation to Prasugrel if you have a condition like intestinal polyps. I have also read that it would have been better to have used a bare metal stent in a case like this.

He is currently taking the Prasugrel and I would like to know if this is safe considering the surgery he needed for intestinal polyps and therefore his higher risk of internal bleeding.