I was recently diagnosed with very severe post partum depress. I am a single mom of three 95, 1, and 4 months) and work in customer service with is more stressful than the children! I have my children all of the time they do not do visitations. I was diagnosed PPD and anxiety shortly after having my third child. I have no history of mental disorders of any kind. The put me on Zoloft to try first. This sent my anxiety through the roof. Full blown panic attacks. They then switched me to Effexor. The medication took a while to process (by a while i mean THREE WEEKS) during which time i was not given any sort of medication. I was unfortunate enough to get pulled over and caught with the amount of .001 marijuana which was the remnants of the small amount that i had smoked during an attack at work earlier that day. I am now facing charges and hoping my doctor will help explain the situation. Anywho, the effexor was NOT okay. I felt very very odd and googled my symptoms. without a doubt it was serotonin syndrome. I continued to take it as directed until the effects lessened. a few weeks later i still experience enough impairment that i can not work with the shop equipment my job entails and i feel like i am not interactive enough with my children since i started taking it. Also it does not take the depression away, it just makes me less sensitive. However once all of it builds up I have severe bouts of depression and anxiety where i will sob uncontrollably, hyperventilate, have panic attacks the whole nine. It greatly increases the level of depression during the random and few days it all comes up. I am scared to inform my doctor because it seems as though everything i try makes me a crazy person. =/