I have been using these providine iodine swab sticks for about 3-4 days before after a lot of research I determined this has to be the reason for my severe itching and scratching..I know my body pretty well and have been going nuts trying to figure out why I am constantly itching and scratching. I have been blaming it on possible laundry detergent, fabric softener and/or even something I possibly ate. Until I decided to research the side effects of these swabs (I was reaching for anything to find a solution).. My podiatrist gave me these swabs after he performed a procedure to remove an ingrown nail. The uncomfortable itching and scratching has become random an throughout my entire body, so much that I ran to the pharmacy to purchase anti-itching cream and lotions. Obviously, I will stop using these Providone iodine swabs an hopefully this scary feeling of itching will minimize and decease! I will also contact my podiatrist today. Before I discovered the culprit (I think) I was actually going to make an appointment with a dermatologist today. Please, give feedback.