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Potentcy relationships between Percodan, Percocet, Acetaminophen w/Codine # 3, and Tylenol # 3?

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mpvt 21 Mar 2010

Percodan and percocet both contain 5mgs of oxycodone which is the opiate in the pills. Percodan has ASA in it while Percocet has Tylenol in it. Essentially the same drugs with the same pain killing ability. Oxycodone is on the lower end of pain killing opiates and is best used as a short term pain killer for acute pain. You become tolerant to it very quickly which is a problem if your doctor is ordering it for chronic pain.
Tylenol#3 and Acetaminophen/codeine 30mgs are the same pain killer. Codeine is just below oxycodone on the opiate strength scale. Again the same as the quick acting oxycodone. Used for acute pain for a short time. These drugs are great for post-op pain, broken bones, headaches ect but only for a few weeks to a month. After that they start to lose their strength as you grow tolerant to them. The logical thing that the patient thinks is to increase the dose which is the wrong thing to do as it also raises your tolerance. It is better to stay on the weaker opiates like codeine (Tylenol#3), Hydrocodone (Lortabs, Vicodin, Hydro`s), Oxycodone (Percocet,Percodon, Oxycontin, Roxicodone) and to use them sparingly as you won`t become addicted to them. Just because they are on the lower end of the scale doesn`t mean they are any safer from becoming addicted. Actually their is far more of the weaker opiates out there because doctors over prescribe them. Anyway, I hope I answered your original question. Be safe and Good luck... Dave

lvass 22 Mar 2010

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