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What is the most potent pain reliever I can get with out a prescription?

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kaismama 27 May 2014

Motrin or aleve is about it.

DzooBaby 27 May 2014

Ibuprofen or naproxen (Motrin or Aleve as KIM mentioned) These are about the strongest of the OTC's.

DzooBaby 27 May 2014

Dont forget measures like application of heat or cold to the painful area and some of the topicals like Bengay or Aspercreme may help depending on the type of pain.

Trinabell 28 May 2014

Motrin or Tylenol but Tiger Balm ointment is great for arthritis or muscle aches or pains

Scarlett8237 28 May 2014

4 of the OTC Ibuprofen is equal to one of the prescription strength(I think 800mg) and I have found with my chronic pain issues that alternating ibuprofen and somthing like Excedrin works quite well for me. free discount card

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