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Will potassium gluconate help with stomach and side cramps?

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Jaime troia 23 Sep 2017

If your potassium is even slightly low u can get cramping in every muscle up to severe dabilitating contractions often referred to as (Charlie horses) the muscles throughout the abdomen which the stomach is the main 1 often will spasm/contract so bad u can see it tightening​ & releasing.everyone has a different amount of pain depending on potassium deficiency n individuals overall health.I have MS so I have them daily especially in my abdomen,neck,legs.I always have a heating pad or hot water bottle with me, electrolytes 2 drink ,most important potassium! keeping mine level with no intestines, paralysis of my gastrointestinal Track, severe gastroperises,M.S etc.. means I've tried every way 2 keep the dabilitating spasms/pain/potassium under control.many years of trial n error I've found that 1 1/2 bananas in any great breakfast/brunch or simply sliced in Tampico (or any fav.juice) with ice,blended makes a delicious, refreshing way 2 keep those awful muscle spasms away and it works almost immediately... always consult your Dr.b4 changing any health regamin.I always prefer to take the yummy verses putting another pill in my tummy. free discount card

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