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Is potassium chlorine good for leg cramps or restless leg syndrome?

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Robyn58 5 Jun 2016

I take potassium gluconate, it helps me not to cramp at nite, but not with my Restless Legs...

Stephen Treloar 5 Jun 2016

Potassium chloRIDE will only ever be beneficial if you have an electrolyte imbalance. A cheap blood test will confirm if you really do. It could be Calcium and/or Sodium?

lauracraft39 5 Jun 2016

Thank you for the information, Ste0hen. My has not officially been diagnosed with restless leg syndrome, but, as a nurse myself, I am almost positive he has the early symptoms of the condition. It doesn't bother him on a daily basis, just 3 to 4 times a month. Anyway, what do you suggest him to take... multivitamin... otc... supplements... etc? Suggestions... ideas? All info wi) be greatly appreciated.

Stephen Treloar 6 Jun 2016

This is going to sound silly and I have no supporting evidence to support this but I have suffered a variety of cramps in recent years; all the way from insane tetany style seizures. Most people take Calcium, Magnesium, the works. I take a Zinc/Magnesium 25/35mg supplement pill with a glass of juice and 20 minutes later the cramps are an unpleasant memory. Having said that I have a salt reduced diet where labelled sodium has to be less than 1000mg (1 gram). However, I only had about 3 spells of cramping this last 6 months. I can cope with legs and feet but hands that go spastic and seize are horrific. free discount card

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