Hi this is my first question to this group. I'm in my early 40's and have been dealing with depression all my life. I actually think I'm bipolar, anyway. I've been pretty down lately and I'm just so unsure and scared because life is passing me by and I just don't know how to pull myself back up. I'm on 60mg of Cymbalta, two different pain meds. I have intercistial cistitias, fibromyalgia, cronic fatigue and a bunch of other problems concerning my girly parts. I've always thought I was a happy person. For the most part I am but when I get down I'm so so very low. It's like an empty darkness so deep and quiet that no one has ever or would ever come down and help me climb out. I wouldn't want anyone I know to come down here. It's dark.

The other morning after waking up it took me four hours to get out of bed because I was so sleepy. Everyone was in my room watching the Olympics and we have five windows and a French door in the room. So it was very bright and noisy. I'm starting to think I might have narcalespy(sp?) too. So anyway as I said before life is passing me by. I have five horses and I use to love to ride. I use to play on a softball team. Me and the hubby use to go out dancing or to sing karaoke. I just don't want to do anything. If it weren't for my husband and kids I'd just stay at home.

They don't understand either as I use to be on the go all the time. Not only am I'm not interested in anything I'm just so exhausted all the time. I've been on the Cymbalta for almost two months and I start going to a therapist this next month. This economy has really hit our family hard. Just as I'm sure it's touched many here too. We have six kids. I'm unable to work because of my illness and so my husband has to provide for eight all himself. On top of that he was laid off of his job a little over two yrs ago. I just wish something would let up. Sorry this was kind of long and winney.