Since being diagnosed with neurocardiogenic syncope I've done a lot of reading on pots. I feel as though maybe I have a milder form of it. I know they share many of the same symptoms so it's probably hard to figure this out without a lot of testing and I've only had one tilt table a year ago. Some days I wake up and feel faint right from the get go and so exhausted as if I never got any sleep all night although I know this is common even for NCS. What really got me thinking about it is that just the other day something new happened to me that I've never experienced as I was getting off the couch as usual I was dizzy and stumbling to the bathroom but this time instead of lightheadedness I felt immense pressure in my whole body and when I looked in the bathroom mirror instead of looking as white as a ghost (which is normal for me especially if I'm having a fainting spell) my face was beat red as if I had been standing on my head. It honestly freaked me out. Since this happened the other day I have had this pressurized feeling in my body upon standing on top of my usual dizzy spells. Is this what pots feels like? *I take the beta blocker atenolol*