I am having serious trouble with PHN. I am 31 y/o, have panic disorder and on many medications already, but I am having what is certainly the worst pain of my life. My ophthalmic nerve was involved with the shingles and, as you know, it is such an intense and unique burning pain. I have a strong background in medicine and pharmacology, so I know what drugs will have bad interactions with my current anxiety medicine. So my question is if anyone has had success with medication that ISN'T Gabapentin, any tricyclic antidepressant, tramadol, or capsaicin? I am taking Vicodin 5/500 now for breakthrough pain, but no relief for the constant pain and the Vicodin only takes the pain down to a somewhat tolerable level. I truly am in agony and wondered if anyone had success with other painkillers or other medications than the ones listed I cannot take? Thank you