... because I'm overwhelmed and already have a bit of depression but I'm 25 broke out into shingles over stress I had a terrible flu then allergic reaction to amoxicillin and rash broke out about 2 months after but the pain was ongoing since Jan it is now end of June I have tried almost every medication prednisone topamax amitriptyline tramadol lyrica gabapentin oxycodone capsaicin lidocaine YOU NAME IT so far I'm only on lidocaine capsaicin oxycodone and lyrica but it's not enough I don't want to have to rely on Percocet but I have no choice If I want to get a job last neuro mentioned nerve blocks but new pcp thinks it's a risk and invasive to damage the nerve further and thinks oral medications I've been taking are safer for now. I stopped the oxy for a week to see if the lyrica was working so far nothing been almost a month on lyrica has anyone actually tried a nerve block for this? The pain is my front thoracic upper abdomen under my breast but a bit lower in my ribcage my skin on the surface has become numb but the inside feels like a sharp rusty screwdriver is stabbing me in and out thru to my back over and over again 24. 7 all day all night my blood pressure spikes to 150 over 80 and 140 over 90 I've almost fainted face pins and needles I've been rushed to the er a few times but I really am curious if any1 has had the nerve block actually work sorry long post!!! So overwhelmed with this! Any responses are appreciated and stories thanks!!!