From 112.5 to 150mg(17 days ago) and though I do feel better with the depression and anxiety then I did when I started this med 6 weeks ago, I'm still dealing with daily GAD. My question is, pdoc said that 17 days at 150mg is not long enough to know if it will work for my GAD at this doseage. So has anyone else had to wait more then 17 days (after 6 weeks total in med) for 150mg to show improvements or resolution with GAD? Pdoc says I can up I 187.5 now if I want or give the 150mg more time. I was gonna hang in there and try and give the lower dose more time, but as most of us know, GAD can lead one to feel depressed. And sense the depression has lifted I don't want that to return due to GAD not lifting more. Also, my pdoc says there is always a "lag" between dosage increase and benefit from that dosage when dealing with GAD. Anyone else find this to be true? Thanks for answers. I don't want to get "stuck" in my recovery.