I am new, I have PTSD and nocturnal anxiety out of the blue during the time I am just waking up, rapid heart rate, soaked in sweat, but goes away as soon as I am fully awake, disrupts my sleep. Have day anxiety. I have tried just about every SSRI ,lexapro,zoloft,celexa,prozac with horrid side effects, dizzy, nausea,want to sleep all the time, lost too much weight. Tried wellbutrin increased anxiety. Currently on xanax 1/2 tab as needed and lorazepram for sleep 1/2 tab, hate being on benzo's but have to function and they take the edge off. Seeing a therapist who is anti-meds but help with the EMDR, the psychiatric doc prescribed the benzo's.I am currently not on any antipressants (days 2 from 2 weeks of being on Zoloft). Positive is a am able to eat again. Just want to have conversations with others that can relate. Need support.