I have sever chronic PTSD from 2 combat tours in iraq. And afghanistan. Most of my anxiety nightmares and flashbacks and negative emotions circle around are from my most recent deployment.I was involved in a helicopter crash. I've been home for almost 1 year, still having sleep problems, I hate going out in public, or riding in vehicles if I'm not driving. My doc says its the anxiety not letting me turn off at night but I've been on seroquell minipress clonidine. Trazadone pristiq after all the other ssri and snri have failed. All he has given me for anxiety is buspar, wich I feel does nothing and atarax wich only worked for about 3 weeks any advise. Also have M-TBI, and ADHA, currently on week 5 of emdr and that seems to make anxiety worse for the following day or two and almost puts me in a manic state.