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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Is Buspar a likely treatment for post- traumatic stress disorder?

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Mande 20 Aug 2009

Buspar is used as a mild tranquilizer and anti-anxiety drug. This drug has a potent anti-anxiety effect, and Minor improvement can be seen in 7-10 days, with maximum benefits seen in 3 weeks. Your Dr. is likely to prescribe this drug for the treatment of PTSD, For it works similar to benzodiazepines, but it lacks the addiction dangers associated with other anti-anxiety drugs. Buspar commonly works well for approx. 65% of patients that are prescribed it, and only 1 out of 10 people experience side effects while taking it. I have used buspar in the past and it worked well for my mild anti-anxiety. I hope this helps you and good luck! Manda

tiancino33 25 Aug 2009

I greatly appreciate your response to my question. However, unfortunately, I am one of the 1 out of 10 people who experienced known side effects. Fifteen minutes following my first dose i became dizzy to the point i had to lie down, and following day after starting Buspirone i experienced an extremely intense urge to cry along with severe shakes and involuntary movement of my right shoulder drawing up. My Dr. immediately took me off of the Buspirone and started me on Clonapin. I have been on it now for 4 days and have yet to experience even 1 side effect.

Mande 25 Aug 2009

Wow. I'm sorry that you had to experience that. The side effects you experienced were in the 'less common' to 'rare' category, and only a small percentage or patients report having them. Klonopin is a great drug, It is much stronger than the Buspar, and I think that it will be more beneficial to helping your PTSD than the buspar. Have you noticed any changes yet?
I hope all is well and god bless, Manda

tiancino33 26 Aug 2009

I have noticed a significant change. I am much more focused now and find it much easier for me to concentrate on whatever task i may be doing at the time. I have had a terrible problem with sleep for as long as i can remember, and now i have noticed that i fall asleep much sooner and stay asleep where as before, i used to take forever to even fall asleep and then not being able to stay asleep for more than an hour at a time. Needless to say, i haven't felt this GREAT in a long time. Thank you very much for your time and encouragement as well! Tian free discount card

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