... things happen in my life. In 04, my 32 year old son died, and during the period between then (and now), we have had a constant struggle just to manage not to be homeless. In 06, both my parents died, within 6 months of each other. From the time my mom was in the hospital dying until just recently my only sister seemed to turn on me and she made that period of time particularly hellish. I've never known why. Two months after my dad died I lost my leg (with many blood clots and hospitalizations prior). I sunk into a state that I classified as far more than depression, and I finally realized I was suffering from PTSD. In just about the last 8 months I've started to feel better and alive again. How is it possible that my Drs. never realized this? If they had, what could they have done to help. Those were some bad years, and I was really anxious for a fatal diagnosis of something so I could just die. On July 27th of this year, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. On July 28th we found out my daughter also passed away. But I haven't sunk into that place I was in. As I mentioned, I'm a nurse, and believe I've recognized (and have for some time), what the true diagnosis for my state of mind was. What clues can I look for if I should start heading back that way again, especially knowing we may find my husband has cancer in more than one area.
The area he had the cancer in was surgically removed, and no new cancer has been found there.
I hope this makes some sense.
Does anyone agree/disagree?
As I said, with these two recent tradjedys, I haven't yet felt myself getting back to the mental state I was in for so long, but I don't think it would take too much more. Anyone?