... treatment for Complex PTSD? Am now on Pristiq and xanax. I was prescribed Seroquel by my Family Dr., but after reading the pharmacy paperwork, there is no way Im taking that. I should be starting with a counseler soon, I decided to wait till then and ask that groups opinion on the Seraquel. The counseler I'll be seeing is part of a large facility headed by psychiatrists, so I can wait to be set up with meds there. I flat out refuse to be made into a zombie with psych meds. Would prefer to not take any if at all possible.
So, what's the usual route taken by a counseler for this? I also, at high stress times tend to have dissociative episodes. Stress and physically being in locations that play a part in the cause of the Complex PTSD. As a child I intentionally dissociated, now it's something that I don't even realize is happening untill after the fact. If anyone out there has this same issue could you explain what I should expect at the counselers office, for meds. Have done a lot of reading on this, types of therapys, just wondering what's usually tried 1st, 2nd, and so on. I realize Im in for a long, rough ride with this, but at 50yrs old, Im damn sick of living this way. At least, Thank God, spring is here, that always helps me immensly. Getting outside and working in my flower beds and garden, for me, is the best therapy there is!
If I've asked this before, sorry. That's another issue, I can't seem to remember sh-t!! Not sure if I've asked this or thought about it and didn't actually do it! Seems I spend an awful lot of time trying to figure out why I've walked into the room Im in, did I say that or just think about it, did I pay this or just think to and not. Has become the story of my life. Not sure if this is because of the PTSD, Brain Aneurysms & coiling surgery I've had, my thyroid issues, menopause, burned out waaay to many braincells in the 70's, or Im I just gettin' old and forgetful!! Told my brain surgeon I think the tailend of the Babyboomers are going to put a whole new meaning to dementia! Most of us did some really powerful drugs and way too much and many of them! I know that was the case for me, lots of chrystal meth, acid, pot, alcohol, about anything that came in front of me during the teen years. Anyway, if anyone has an idea as to what I should expect, please fill me in. Thanks,floundering (Lisa)