After Katrina, flooded my house ,I did not even cry for two months than I developed a severe spasm issue. Later I was told I have PDSD. And afterward I was told by an ENT I have Paradoxical vocal fold motion disorder, throat spasms and esophogeal spasms. So I began two years ago to have Botox injections into my vocal cords every three months. This did decrease the degree of spasms. But I still have the huge startle with any unexpected noise, my whole body shakes. In addition, I have also used scripts, from the gp, for that. Those anxiety drugs, do reduce my ... discomfort, however ; First of all they also numb my mind as well as my body, The symptoms are indeed better. However , Nothing makes me normal. Is normal gone because I stayed through a hurricane? The real question is which drug, should I use , that does the least amount of damage to my consciousness.? Also I find the last two treatment of the Botox has been less effective the the beginning injections were. The sore throat, lasted an entire month, With milder spasms, but never gone. am hoping some one out there , has am answer, because the professionals have no cure, only treatments. I would be wiling to travel, if some one knew of a miracle worker anywhere