I am a young woman in high school. I just had a back surgery for a pilonidal cyst 5 days ago. Note: I had this same surgery a year ago, followed by an 8 month recovery, in case that's important. I am alternating between ibuprofen and tylenol every four hours. Today, I took two tylenol and drank 50 drops of novocaine (as prescribed by my doctor) and then I had my daily bandage change at 4:30 pm. Despite the medication, it still hurt like hell when the nurse changed it. Five minutes later, I took two ibuprofen because I couldnt think straight from the pain. That helped, but it still hurt pretty bad. I waited three hours (the next time I was supposed to take my meds), and took another two tylenol. It's been two hours since then, and the pain is stabbing me in my back. I'm worried I've taken too many pain pills for today; I counted, and I've taken 6 tylenol, 4 ibuprofen, and 50 drops of novocaine. But I also doubt I can sleep with this pain. Any suggestions?