The surgeon who performed my gastric bypass 18 plus years ago has retired.
He was adamant that all his patients take a presciption vitamin for the rest of their lives. The vitamin had several diffrent names. Not sure which names are brand or generic? The RX vitamin named Trinsicon, Foltrin, Contrin and possibly Fergon plus.
My physician explained that the stomach makes something called "intrinsic value" to help in absorption if vitamins and nutrients.
Without the instrinsic value chances are you would end up with defiences... such as B12, folic acid, iron deficiencies such as anemia. Lab work was fine until about 5 years ago. Due to insurance companies changing... etc... etc... The different physicians I would have to go to... Which were not bariatric specialist. Would look at my lab results and say I did not need to take the rx vitamin with intrinsic value. That my labs were perfect each time. I stressed how imperative my physician had told me this Rx was. And, I believed that Rx was the reason my lab work was good. So, i was given the rx vitamin. The next several times I had to switch physicians they also told me my labs were ok... that i didnt need to take that Rx. I finally decided that since 4 different physicians told me I didnt need to take the RX. I finally decided to stop taking it thinking the physicians new more than I did. Plus, I had inquired with my pharmacy about that specific RX. The pharmacist told me that they didnt use that anymore. That none of the people she had seen with any types of gastric bypass surgery were not given that rx. Needless, to say several years later... my D3 was down to a "10" & I now have anemia & my B-1 (thiamine was low), b12 was low etc... etc..
To complicate this I have now been
told through genetic testing that I have a MTHFR genetic mutation... Long story as I am now waiting to get back my 23andme genetic testing... The first rx they gave me for this mutation was deplin (which had to many side effects for me) Now, They have given me a Rx called Enlyte. Which my insurance company is refusing to pay the $140.00 for a monthly supply. Enlyte ingedients has iron, b12, vitamin c etc... What this particular MTHFR mutation does is makes it twice as hard to get the vitamims/minerals through the blood barrier to the brain & to the neutotransmitters that control depression etc... the neurotransmitters that play a big part in depression. And, it has to do with B12 & Folate & Iron. Part of not having enough of the former vit/minerals causes homocysteine levels to become higher which is cardiovascular! The Enlyte does not have any intrinsic value in it... As, far as I know... Im asking questions and not getting many answers! Appears to me that both of these meds are similar ... Except, The Enlyte does not have intrinsic value. Just wondering, if there is anybody who has experienced the same situation or had any answers that lead to solutions with this same situation? Would really appreciate any information!