When I presented to the doctor I was experiencing very bad post nasal drip (PDN) but did not have a cough, watery/itchy eyes, nasal congestion or scratchy throat. Just very bad PDN. After being examined, and with a very good health profile, the doctor prescribe the adult dose of Flonase. After 42 days and very little change in symptoms, I was given a 24 hr Claritin to take at night and my Flonase dose was spread out by 12 hours to one squirt per nostril in the A.M and the same dose in the P.M. Dry mouth and lack of sleep went along with the PDN. After another two weeks, the Flonase was removed and I am now on one 24 hour Claritin. I have more nights where I'm sleeping but daytime hours are spent addressing PND. Two months have now elapsed. I should also mention I perform two or three day nasal washes using Neilmed squeeze bottle and drink gallons of hot herbal teas. I've scheduled an appointment with an ENT to rule out nasal polyps but my GP could not see any with his hand help light - the endoscope might still find something. I now have a prescription for Astelin I'm holding in reserve until after my visit with the ENT. I'm a 65 year old male. Any suggestions or observations?

Thank you.