I had the mirena coil inserted on 2nd January due to side effects from other pills.
Immediately after the insertion, I had period like cramps for a few hours which subsided after I had a bath. They then came back in the evening. I was bleeding when I had it put in and by the time I went to bed that evening, the bleeding had stopped.
The next day was much better, no bleeding and I only had cramps on and off throughout the day until the evening. They weren't as bad as the day before, just uncomfortable.
The 2nd day, I had no cramps until I had been at work for about an hour - I do waitressing. It also caused some pink staining when I wiped after going to the toilet.
I woke up monday, and I started spotting. This was steady throughout the day with no cramps until 10pm where I had to take co-codamol which relieved it slightly. I woke up at 7am this morning and the cramps were still there. Also, there was slightly more bleeding. I took ibuprofen, went back to sleep and when I woke up again a few hours later, the cramps had subsided.
Now, the bleeding has increased but I don't have any stomach cramps. I wouldn't say it is heavy, it's just more than this morning.

I checked my strings earlier and noticed they felt longer than when I checked them yesterday and now I'm concerned that it is trying to push itself out. I couldn't feel the plastic end of it though. I'm 21 and haven't had any children - but I am unable to take the combined pill due to migraines with aura and the POP were giving me bad side effects.
I have an appointment on Jan 27th for a checkup.
Is it normal to bleed and cramp like this 4 days after insertion?