i was wondering if anyone else went through this? I stop taking Loestrin fe 24 on dec 26th 2011. I got what i thought was a period on feb 7-10 but it was very light and not like the few periods i have had many many years ago. I do not get my period at all on any type of birth control adn loestrin wasnt any different. Me and the hubby are trying to have a baby but arent really sure how long to wait for my system to get back to normal before we start getting very concerned. i have had two pregnancys and 2 healthy children please if anyone has any advice or has gone through this i would really appreciate any advice. i stil havent gotton a period or any type of spotting. i have put on lik e10 pounds since getting off the pill and very very bloated but negitative preggers test. its impossible to knwo if im ovuilating or to chart anything. My last pregnancy i was recovering from the depo shot and one month no period nothing i was pregnant so im jsut really really stressing and could use alil help... please