Make a long story short, I am a college student who has VERY strict religious parents.they don't believe in birth control. They don't even know i am having sex, they think I'm a virgin. Anyway! I met this guy we talked for months, things were great, we has sex, unprotected. He didn't ejaculate till waaayy after he had pulled out. I later on that night found out he had a fiancee, Being smart I went to health center I got plan b the next day. My period came, as normal since then. About 3-4 later, I met another guy, we hit off, about two weeks later we had sex, the condom popped, no ejaculation in it. Then had sex again, he pulled out and came on my abdomen. That took place on a friday night/Saturday morning, I took plan b but I took it that Tuesday at 1-2pm, my period should be coming anytime now, I always have irregular flows. But I'm scared.the guy doesn't even talk to me anymore, he ignores me! I'm terrified. Could I be pregnant or could it just be from taking plan b twice so close within each other???