I was in the IUD mirena for about 4 years. It was put in March 2011 and I removed it AUG 4,2015. I bled following 3 days. It became really heavy day2 I'm assuming because I had sexual intercourse. He pulled out I stopped bleeding by AUG 8,2015. My partner ejaculated in me AUG. 9. I took plan B AUG 11,2015. We had unprotected sexual intercourse again AUG 14,15 ( he didn't ejavulate in me at all ) and AUG 16 ( he did ejavulate in me) AUG 17 a week after taking plan B my breasts felt heavy, I had cramps I was having hot flashes I was bleeding. I then took PLANB again on AUG 18( because of what had happened on the 16 I bled and had cramps until AUG 19,2015 could I be pregnant ? ( yes I know horrible I now have the nuva ring, just want to be sure I'm not pregnant to start it)