I've been on brith control for exactly 2 months, haven't missed a day or taken the pill at different times of the day, always from 8 to 9 tops.
Before starting to take the pill i was really afraid of getting pregnant since me and my boyfriend were fingering eachother and i didnt know if he had any pre ejaculation on his hands, gladly i did not get pregnant. (All this and i was still a virgin.)
My family has always been really closed when it comes to talking about sex so i never ask them about my worries and i've been reading a bunch of websites online and i've been getting scared again.
About a week ago we lost our virginity to eachother, as with me on the pill correctly and with him with a condom, i also asked that when he was about to cum to pull out even though he had a condom and he did.
But thats not why i'm worried, i'm worried because before that we were fingering again and he might have had some precum on his hand, i'm 18 years old and i just started exploring my sexuality and started taking the pill so my worries could go away, but they are still here and its making me insane.
Can you tell me please what you think?
Thank you very much :)