I am currently on birth control pills (Ortho Tri Cyclen). On Christmas eve I had sex without a condom, but I did take all my pills on time. He also pulled out, but the night after I forgot to take my pill for until around 4 hours after and so I ended up getting Plan B 3 days after. I continued to take my pills regularly and I got my period on the 6th day of the placebo pills, which I usually get it on the 3rd day. It lasted for about 4 days, which usually lasts 6 days, and then I started my new pill pack as directed. Since then I did have weird symptoms such as fatigue, tender breasts, headache, mood swings, food cravings, and morning nausea. I usually do feel very nauseated when starting a new pack of pills. Those symptoms have gone down and I feel like normal, with the occasional food cravings. All of those side effects went away, I only had them for maybe a week? I am worried about being pregnant possibly? Since I had a period I didn't know if I still needed to be worrying.