My boyfriend and I have sex on the 1st of Decamber night . We used a condom , but not quite sure whether if there's any leakage after he ejaculates in the condom as it was just 3/4 part of the comdom worn after he withdrew it . I was worried and wonder should I have emergency contraception for a day ( maybe yes maybe no situation ) . In the morning of 3rd December , I took the morning after pill (prevenelle) just to be sure of it . The time I took it was still within the 72 hour period . But now, I'm 3 days late on my period as I should have period on the 10th/11th of December. I'm super worried
And would like someone kindly please advice me what to do next and my possibilities .

* I'm still ovulating when I have sex with my boyfriend ,but it's the later period of my ovulation period as I was expecting my menstrual cycle 10 days after .

* I've took my first morning after pill in June 2016 prior to my recent intake of the pill which is 3rd of December 2016 . Does having the pill for a second time reduces or somehow alter the pill effectiveness?