Me and my boyfriend had sex about a month ago. We used a condom and he did not ejecútate but as his penis slipped out, so did the condom. Slipped out outside and he says away from my vagina. Nerves got to me and took plan b. I was spotting a week after that pill, im sure it was the pill effects since I had already gotten my period that month. A week or so later, we were fooling around and he fingered me and might have touched his penis at one point and nerves got to me again that semen could have been on his fingers then got in me. So I took plan b again. As the other pill, I was spotting a week later again. In total was 3 “periods” in a month. It has now been one month going on to two that I have not gotten my period. Could It be the two back to back plan b pills or could I possibly be pregnant.