For about 2 weeks now, my nipples have been really sore. As of 2 days ago it wasn't just my nipples, but also my breats. Few nights ago, i peeled something off my nipples, and soon after that liquid came out. Aside from my sore breasts, I feel bloated every morning. I use the restroom thinking it'll get rid of the bloating, but it doesnt always help. Sometimes it'll go away, sometimes I'd feel like that for the whole day. And for almost a year now, my husband and I have been having unprotected sex. We've been trying to conceive a child, but sadly no luck. My menstrual cycle hasn't been regular for so long that I've forgotten when it first started being irregular, but since last year in the summer, I've had my period every month. It would come around the same time of the month, but then the times started changing, but I still have my period every month. I want answers before going to get a check-up.