I was stupid and took a placebo pill instead of my last active pill at 10pm (that's the time I take my birth control). However realized my mistake while I was laying in my bed about to sleep, so I went back and took the last active pill that I missed... or at least I think. I can't stop worrying that I didn't take the pill. It's not in the pack but im worried that bc I was sleepy when I took it that i might have missed my mouth or something. I had sex on the 2nd/3rd day of my period (it was like 3am so technically the 3rd day), which was like the 4th or 5th day of my placebo pills. I know he used a condom for some of the time but I can't remember if it was the whole time. If i totally missed the last active pill, is it possible I could be pregnant. I know it's way less likely to get pregnant during your period but is it possible if I missed the last pill that it would mess up my hormones to make pregnancy possible? I read that it is worse to miss the first or last pill in a pack so this makes me very worried. My worrying is probably irrational bc I probably took the pill but I cant stop worrying that I didn't, and now I'm feeling crampy and I know it would be too soon to be pregnant bc the sex happened only 4 days ago.