My husband is a loving father (and husband) He is a felon, he took the charge instead of his ex, long story... He is on probation. (The only reason he is not off it yet, is because he had some fines left) Well, he has a 2nd degree possession charge. And, he supposedly has been stealing. They have not told him, he doesn't know what's going on. (I've accidently mentioned it, we've always been open with eachother) Well, this past week, I found a bottle of his. It had stuff in it. Turned out they were crunchbars and tabs. He has been doing great this whole time!! We slightly got into it... and he grabbed the bottle and left. This is the first time I can recall him lying to me. He has tried to lie before, but couldn't.
Anywho, I do not know anything about drugs, and I know for a fact he has been working overtime a lot, so I thought he has been tired. I'm sure he has been tired, but in his words (he has been eating crunchbars like candy) When I saw him at jail, I told him that I wanted him to go to rehab, and he agreed, he said he was thinking about it, because yesterday he was really wanting a pill. He is very stubborn, and I probably would've fallen backward, if I weren't setting down when I heard that..

Anywho, he has been caught stealing, while on illegal narcotics. I've heard that these can make you do things you wouldn't normally do... Is it possible that we can do something about the stealing charge?? I doubt it, but I'm worried. I haven't eaten since Thursday Night. I forced myself to eat today.
I saw him truly look at me, knowing he messed up, he's messed up before, but I saw a sincere look this time..
When we talked, I told him I am not going through that kind of relationship, when he gets out... and he said I didn't deserve it, and I agreed that our kids didn't either. He feels awful, I know he does... I truly believe that he wants help. I truly believe that he is done with it. He knows that this family is the best thing that's happened to him. He says he doesn't remember anything from this past couple weeks. (He got arrested Friday) He said "I woke up in jail" which, he was here when arrested. I don't care if he has to stay on probation for 10 years... I want to get him out ASAP. I know he's going to do some time. I'm trying to figure out how much time he will do, if the stealing can be lowered. (I'm sure there will be charges pressed) I want to know what our options are...

But most importantly, I'm trying to figure out... How much would rehab or substance abuse program cost??? He seems to be willing to do anything to be done. I'm sorry if I don't make sense, if you want more info, you could leave your email, and I could email you. I've never been on this site before, but I'm desperate for answers.