I don't know where to start, but a few years ago, while I was living at home, one particular morning, I was asleep and during my dream, I became aware of my dream (nightmare) state at which as things got terrifying, I was trying to force myself awake. I knowingly afflicted pain to myself by pinching my legs, even giving myself a sternum rub, but was unsuccessful. I somehow became aware that yelling in my dream was false, but that I was getting reverberations from my room, leading me to realize that I could communicate verbally to the conscious world. I remember in my dream state, I yelled to my mother "If you can hear me, wake me up by any means necessary, I'm trapped in between!" Minutes later, she shook me awake, and with a worried look asked me what happened and told me exactly what I yelled to her in my dream. Just an hour ago, I came into the same situation, only now I'm obviously older, living in my own place (with my gf, who's currently at work), and I had no choice but to inflict physical harm by thumping on my upper chest as well as a hit to my groin in order to fully wake up. I'm terrified as to why I'm experiencing this level of sleep entrapment. None of my symptoms really correlate with those of sleep paralysis. No chest pain/pressure, no dyspnea, or even a sense of impending doom. I can say that I'm definitely not experiencing something out of body. Has anyone else ever had this happen?