At age 15yrs, (1975) I had surgery on my knee. Was to be in Hosp 2-3 days but for unknown reasons after the surgery, very severe muscle pain and weakness caused me to be hospitalized for a week. Was given physical therapy and pain meds and then released. No further explanations. In 1980, I had a baby, completely natural without even having an iv. It traumatized me physically and mentally. Then in the middle/late 1980's, i started having, widespread muscle pain and weakness for no known reason. I went to doctors and had multiple tests and nothing showed up. In 1998, I had my tubes tied in an outpatient procedure and after I was home about an hr or so, I started having severe muscle pain and weakness to the point where I couldn't even dial the phone to call the doctor. This lasted about 5-6 days. After talking to the doctor, I was informed of my allergy to succinylcholine. After this incident was over with, my muscle pain, that used to come and go, never completely went away. And after a few more yrs of doctors and more tests, I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia.