I was in a car accident on May 13th 2016 (12 days ago) and sustained trauma to bilateral legs. I was the passenger and my legs were curled up because I was taking a nap. The driver lost control, we went down a hill and we were stopped by a tree, which mainly hit my side. The dash board did a wealth of injury to my legs, luckily no broken bones, just major swelling and bruising. Since it's been 12 days since the accident, the bruising has been healing... However, there is this red circle in the middle of my calf. This was not present on initial impact, I noticed it 5 days after the accident while I was at work, on my feet and my leg began to throb. Since then, the area has become more red (almost purple), it is hard and there is decreased sensation to the skin around the area. It is painful with palpation and extensive walking. About myself (for any type of risk factors one would be thinking), I am a healthy 25 year old female, with no medical issues. I'm an EMT in the emergency department, therefore, I am very active. I do not smoke, I drink occasionally. My family does not have significant health history, except hypertension. Any thoughts on what this could be?